Rep. Jonathan Singer (D-Longmont)

Jonathan Singer represents House District 11 in Longmont and eastern Boulder County. He was appointed to replace Rep. Deb Gardner in January 2012 and was elected the following November.

He is vice chairman of the Local Government Committee and serves on the Public Health & Human Services and Appropriations committees. He is also a member of two interim committees, the Joint Technology Committee and the Flood Disaster Study Committee, which was created after the 2013 flooding that devastated parts of his district.

The 2014 session was busy for Rep. Singer and he sponsored the first and last bills introduced in the House. HB 1001 allows a property owner to be reimbursed for property taxes that were paid on a property that was destroyed by a natural disaster. HB 1398 creates cannabis credit co-operatives, which allow marijuana business to access financial services, instead of operating as cash only businesses.  

During the 2013 session Rep. Singer played a key role in efforts to streamline and expand child welfare services, including establishing a statewide child abuse reporting hotline, creating child fatality prevention teams to review child deaths and recommend ways to prevent these tragedies, and expanding the list of individuals who must report suspected child abuse or neglect.

He also sponsored the bill by which marijuana consumers will foot the bill for the regulation of the newly legalized retail marijuana industry, and served on the legislative task force that established the industry’s regulatory framework.

In his first session at the legislature Rep. Singer focused on improving transparency and efficiency in government, sponsoring bills to ensure that Colorado families get the tax credits they deserve, ensuring that employers pay employees their earned wages, and demanding fiscal responsibility in the state government.

Before becoming a legislator, Rep. Singer worked with Colorado’s most vulnerable families, most recently with child protection and family services in Boulder County. Before that, he worked for the Denver Office of Economic Development.

Rep. Singer received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work from Colorado State University. He has been a volunteer in the community for most of his life, from sitting on the Longmont Planning and Zoning Commission to volunteering for organizations such as the CSU Drug and Alcohol Task Force and the Boulder County Safe House.

He met his wife, Allison, while volunteering at the Boulder Public Library while they were both in high school.


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