Rep. Mike Foote (D-Lafayette)

Mike Foote was elected in 2012 to represent House District 12, which includes Louisville, Lafayette and the southern and eastern parts of Longmont.

During the 2014 session Rep. Foote sponsored legislation to increase penalties for oil and gas violations, updating Colorado’s penalties for the first time in decades, and ensuring that bad actors are held responsible. Rep. Foote also sponsored legislation to increase sentences for individuals who commit sex crimes against children under the age of 12 and prevent the exploitation of Colorado’s elderly.

In the 2013 session he successfully sponsored a handful of criminal justice reforms, including a bill creating a new category of laws to protect pregnant women, giving prosecutors new tools to charge those who intentionally or recklessly cause a woman to lose her pregnancy without going down the road toward “personhood” for the unborn.

Rep. Foote also emerged as a champion for energy conservation, sponsoring bills to promote energy-efficient homes and to increase the number of oil and gas inspectors in the state. He also sought to end the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s conflicted dual role of promoting Colorado’s oil and gas industry while simultaneously regulating it.

When the legislature’s not in session, Rep. Foote is a deputy district attorney with the Boulder County District Attorney’s office. Since 2004, he has prosecuted major white-collar and other criminal cases in the Boulder office, winning justice for victims of embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, arson and other violent crimes. He also served as a prosecutor in the Durango District Attorney’s office.

He has an undergraduate degree from Indiana University, a master’s from the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies and a J.D. from the University of Colorado School of Law. To pay his way through law school, he worked for public law offices including the Denver district attorney, Thornton city attorney, and Boulder county attorney.

Rep. Foote founded the Colorado chapter of the Truman National Security Project, an organization dedicated to educating and training a new generation of progressives to lead on national security issues.

An avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast, Rep. Foote is dedicated to preserving Colorado’s natural beauty. He’s also committed to making sure our state provides opportunities to succeed for those who work hard, and is a place that does not overlook the least fortunate — in short, a state that offers quality jobs, quality education and quality of life.

Rep. Foote and his wife Heidi live in Lafayette and have two young daughters, Amelia and Leanna. Heidi works as an accountant for local small businesses and serves as the treasurer for Blue Sky Bridge, a child and family advocacy center in Boulder.


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