Representative Joe Miklosi (Denver)

State Representative Joe Miklosi (D-Denver)

Colorado State Representative Joe Miklosi is serving his second term in the General Assembly for District 9 in southeast Denver and Arapahoe County. He serves as a member of the Emergency Response Committee, the Economic Development and Business Committee, the State, Veterans & Military Committee, and the Audit Committee, which conducted 52 audits in 2010 and saved the Colorado taxpayers $47 million dollars. He also served on the 2009 interim Committee to Study Issues Related to Pinnacol Assurance to ensure that workers compensation rights were protected for injured workers.  

Rep. Miklosi is well known for his efforts in creating good-paying, renewable energy jobs in Colorado. In addition to making Colorado the ‘Renewable Energy Capital of the Country,’ Rep. Miklosi has worked for increasing health care access for all families, helping small business owners access much needed loans, workforce development, including the state version of the DREAM Act, and creating world class schools.

Rep. Miklosi has 12 years of public policy and political experience at both the federal and state levels.  He  worked as the Director of the State House Caucus for Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff, where he helped the Democrats obtain the majority in 2004 for the first time in 30 years. He also worked as Chief of Staff to former House Minority Leader Jennifer Veiga and as a Legislative Aide to former U.S. Senator Howard Metzenbaum.

In addition, Rep. Miklosi was previously the Colorado State Director for Progressive Majority, a grassroots organization that trains the next generation of fiscally responsible, progressive leaders, especially females and candidates from communities of color. Under his leadership, he helped elect over 50 municipal and state officials throughout Colorado and founded the Color Colorado conference, a workshop to empower Latino and other candidates from communities of color to win elected office.  

Prior to entering the public service arena, Rep. Miklosi amassed six years of business development experience in the information technology sector, where he was the eighth employee at Cyveillance, an Internet software company. He also worked as a business development associate for Aristotle Industries and for Fortune 500 companies such as Computer Associates and Veritas Software.

In addition to serving as a Colorado State Representative, Rep. Miklosi has worked for Project C.U.R.E. for four years, a Centennial, Colorado-based nonprofit organization that provides donated medical supplies, equipment and related services to doctors, nurses, hospitals and health care clinics in 123 developing countries.  

Rep. Miklosi earned a B.A. from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, where he studied political science and religion, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration, with a concentration in Nonprofit Executive Management, from the University of Colorado at Denver Graduate School of Public Affairs. His Master’s thesis – which focused on increasing youth civic engagement participation levels – was published in theNational Civic Review in 2007.

A youth civic engagement researcher, Rep. Miklosi serves on the Rwanda Leadership Foundation, a group of 20 Coloradans committed to creating the leading technological K-12 school on the continent of Africa. He has been active in Rotary for eight years, helping raise $100,000 for polio eradication, at-risk youth programs, and other initiatives, and is actively raising $40,000 for college scholarships at Thomas Jefferson High School.

Joe is married to Jennifer Miklosi, a health and wellness coach.  

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